International Academic Journal on Olympic Studies

Since 2017 the e-journal Diagoras International Academic Journal on Olympic Studies has been published. The idea of launching this annual journal has been developed by Prof. Ian Culpan (Director of the New Zealand Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Canterbury, NZ), Prof. Emilio Fernandez (Director of the Olympic Studies Centre of the Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Prof. Stephan Wassong (Director of the Olympic Studies Centre of the German Sport University Cologne). They are the editors-in-chief. The technical director of Diagoras is Adolfo Nieto Losada.


The 1st volume of Diagoras had been published successfully in fall 2017 and has been acknowledged very positively in the academic community, in terms of content and technical editing as an e-journal. In 2018 a new and additional partner joined the editorial team: the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CIPC). The second volume of Diagoras was already edited with this new partnership. The journal can be accessed free of charge by clicking on


The main aim of the journal is to foster a critical understanding of Olympism, the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. In the attainment of this, the journal’s approach will constitute that of a multi- and interdisciplinary one, whereby the articles to be published within will have an emphasis on, amongst others, the educative, pedagogical, philosophical, historical, socio-cultural, communicative and commercial aspects of Olympic studies. Of course, this approach is encouraging to submit research results on Pierre de Coubertin, his vision on the Olympic Movement, his idea of Olympism and on topics related to these fields in our journal.


The structure of the journal gives room for established scholars to present their current academic works, but also for contributions from emerging scholars and post-graduate students. This strategy has to be stressed as it could serve as a means to motivate the younger generation of Olympic scholars to publish their research results, granting them the opportunity to contribute and enage in dialogue with the academic community.


The first submission for Diagoras from the side of the CIPC were the articles from the winners of the Academic Pierre de Coubertin Award. Axel G. Elías Jiménez (King`s College London) wrote on The exact routeto achieving success: Statecraft and management of the Third World expectations during the XIX Olympiad in Mexico and Eric Rohde (University of Kaiserslautern) on Olympic Games and values in disruption: The fundamental renewal of Coubertinian renewal seems necessary.


If you are interested in submitting an article to our journal contact Prof. Wassong.

Front Cover of the 2nd volume of Diagoras

Published in 2018