Reference collection project of the IOC Olympic Studies Centre on Pierre de Coubertin


Prof. Stephan Wassong is leading a project developed by the IOC’s Olympic Studies Centre (OSC), which is a part of the IOC’s Olympic Foundation for Culture and Olympic Heritage (OFCH) department, the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee and the Comité française Pierre de Coubertin. The aim of the project is to publish an OSC reference document on Pierre de Coubertin to contribute to the OSC and OFCH collection of reference documents. It will provide biographical data on Pierre de Coubertin and will cover specific aspects of his Olympic idea, his activities as IOC president and his educational initiatives beyond the Olympic Movement, as well as information on the places where he lived, worked and visited in Paris, Lausanne, Geneva and Olympia. These topics will be spread throughout the following chapters: 1. Pierre de Coubertin’s life – early educational stimuli and initiatives, 2. Founding the Olympic Movement, 3. Pierre de Coubertin’s IOC presidency (1896-1925), 4. Coubertin’s vision and support for the Olympic Movement after his presidency (1925-1937), 5. Promoting education, physical education, sport and physical activity through and beyond the Olympic Movement, 6. Political orientation, his interests and writings, and 7. Favourite Coubertinian places.

Project period: 2022-2024



Online Lectures Series for Teachers of the CIPC network of Pierre de Coubertin Schools


At the CIPC General Assembly held on 24th April 2021 the proposal of Prof. Dr. Stephan Wassong, President of the CIPC, was unanimously approved to set up and organize an online lectures series for teachers of the CIPC network of Pierre Coubertin Schools. The aim is to offer multi-and interdisciplinary topics providing knowledge on Pierre de Coubertin, modern reading and application of his concept of Olympism as well as contemporary aspects of the Olympic Movement based on values and education. These monthly lectures will be initiated in October 2021 by using the ZOOM platform.

Each lecture should not exceed 45 minutes leaving 30 minutes for discussions. All lecturers are kindly asked to use standardized power point slides in terms of layout, formatting criteria and reference list. Presentations will be uploaded on the CIPC website and possibly recorded. It is our intention to build up a highly useful series of lectures which can be used as teaching material on various occasions. This activity will be added to the profile of the CIPC and make it known in educational settings at school level and beyond.

Project period: 2021 – 2022


Development of an Archival Infrastructure


Since its foundation in 1975, the CIPC has accumulated documents that include, amongst others, minutes of the meetings of the annual General Assembly and Board meetings, CIPC Statutes, correspondence with other institutions, information on CIPC membership and its development, description of projects and publications. At present all of this material is decentralized. Therefore, accessibility to these documents is problematic and time-consuming. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that this valuable material is stored according to the basic norms of archives, which have to be followed in order to avoid the gradual erosion of documents. It is the objective of the CIPC to establish centralized archives for its valuable materials and thus follow the usual standards outlined by archival norms. The Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) of the German Sport University Cologne has offered to provide specific archival storage room(s) for the CIPC documents. Staff members of the OSC with archival expertise would provide the correct handling of this academic documentation. Amongst others, a major benefit of this support would be easier accessibility to our documents. This is also a paramount precondition for the future publishing project of the CIPC.

Project period: 2018 – 2025


Book on the History of the CIPC


We plan to write a book on the history of the CIPC. Such a book has not yet been elaborated. A publication of a book outlining the lineage and activities of the CIPC would significantly enhance the understanding of the contribution of the CIPC to the cultural and educational dimension of the Olympic Movement in both the academic and public spheres. As this is an ambitious project, we have to establish a feasible plan taking into consideration strict working deadlines.

A precondition for this ambitious project is the availability and accessibility of all the necessary documents. This could only be achieved by a successful setting up of centralized archives as described in point 1 above. The setting up of the archives would demand adequate and strict timing before we can start to work on the book project itself.

Initial meetings to decide the conceptual structure of the book would take place at the end of 2021, followed by research activity in the following year. The allotted time for the writing and the editorial process (2021-2024) would meet the objective to publish the book in 2025 on the occasion of the 50th jubilee of the CIPC.


Directory of the CIPC


The directory will contain standardized information on our members (upon obtaining their permission) and National Pierre de Coubertin Committees. The objective is for our members to learn more about each other in a very concise way. This would strengthen collaboration on individual interests and interests related to CIPC activities. It would also offer National Pierre de Coubertin Committees a platform to present themselves and their activities. Standardized questionnaires will be circulated to members and National Pierre de Coubertin Committees to obtain this information. The directory will be made available in its printed version initially.

The directory is a precondition to the software project designed by one of the CIPC members and distributed by It is a tool with the possibility to manage relevant data of the National Pierre de Coubertin Committees, the individual CIPC members and the Pierre the Coubertin Schools in a unique platform. It would provide better communication between all CIPC stakeholders through a unique database. Each member would have individual credentials in order to be able to have access to the system, manage personal page, enroll in the sanctioned events and upload initiatives and events.

Project period: 2020 – 2023