Pierre de Coubertin


Introducing Baron
Pierre de Coubertin

Founder of the Olympic Movement

Pierre de Coubertin has become known as the founder of the Olympic Movement and restorer of the modern Olympic Games. He was born on 1st January 1863 in Paris and passed away on 2nd September 1937 in Geneva.

The Olympic
Founding Idea

Pierre de Coubertin presented his idea to revive the modern Olympic Games for the first time in public at the 5thanniversary of the »Union des Sociétés française de Sport athlétiques« (USFSA) in November 1892.

Coubertin`s IOC

1896 – 1925

Pierre de Coubertin became president of the International Olympic Committee after the 1896 Athens Olympic Games and remained in this office until 1925. In his 29 years of presidency he coined the profile of the modern Olympic movement through various activities.

Beyond the

Pierre de Coubertin can be regarded as a progressive-mined educator, who believed in and promoted the power of sport as a tool for character development and transnational understanding.