Lectures Series

for Teachers of the IPCC network of Pierre de Coubertin Schools

At the IPCC General Assembly held on 24th April 2021 the proposal of Prof. Dr. Stephan Wassong, President of the IPCC, was unanimously approved to set up and organize an online lecture series for teachers of the IPCC network of Pierre Coubertin Schools. The project was initiated on 29th October. Due to its success, it was proposed at the next General Assembly on 30th January 2022 to open the lecture series for members of National Pierre de Coubertin Committees as well.

The aim is to offer multi-and interdisciplinary topics providing knowledge on Pierre de Coubertin, modern reading and application of his concept of Olympism as well as contemporary aspects of the Olympic Movement based on values and education.

Lectures do not exceed 45 minutes providing 30 minutes for discussions. All lecturers are kindly asked to use standardized power point slides in terms of layout, formatting criteria and reference list. Presentations will be uploaded on the IPCC website and possibly recorded. It is our intention to build a highly useful series of lectures which can be used as teaching material on various occasions. This activity will be added to the profile of the IPCC and make it known in educational settings at school level and beyond.


18th Juli 2022

The Olympic Spirit and Coubertin

20th May 2022
Nelson Todt

The Relevance of the Olympic Values Education Programme post Covid 19

25th March 2022
Hilla Davidov

Pierre de Coubertin and the Olympic Winter Games

18th February 2022
Sebastian Kühn

The Idealist: Pierre de Coubertin & The Origin Story of the Modern Olympic Movement

17th December 2021
George Hirthler

Pierre de Coubertin and the Olympic Athlete

29th October 2021
Stephan Wassong

Brief historical introduction to the network

29th October 2021
Ines Nikolaus