Report from Argentina

Colegio Padre Ramón De La Quintana - Catamarca

The beginning of this year involved a mixture of feelings and situations none of us were ready to cope with. In Argentina we started a quarantine time early in March. Teachers were already at schools, but students were unable to start the school year.


These measures were taken by the National Government but our city did not have cases till July. Unluckily, after the first case was declared, the return was postponed.


Classes were delivered 100% online. We were not allowed to attend school, so it was a big challenge for us all. Honestly, we had to reorganise as a school to guarantee teaching and it was very difficult to fulfill our goals regarding Olympic Education. However, we did our best in such a complicated moment.


After adapting to this new reality, we decided to carry out some activities including:

Students of 3rd year

Students of 3rd year read about the Paralympic Games and they had to name some Paralympic Argentinian athletes. Apart from this, they had to find out how the word OLYMPISM is written in different languages.

4th year students

4th year students read about The Olympic Values and were invited to compare both the OLYMPIC VALUES with our School Religious Values and find which ones we share or may be similar. Apart from this, they were in charge of giving examples of the Olympic Games Venues and their logos.

The youngest children

The youngest children had to imagine the Olympic Games would take place in Catamarca, so they designed the mascot.

2nd year students

2nd year students worked with the Olympic ceremonies as well as the Olympic sports. They had to do some research and draw some of them.

5th year

5th year was taught about positive doping in Olympic Games and were asked to investigate about famous cases to exemplify this practice.

PE departament

PE departament was in charge of different online classes, Students record themselves doing specific PE activities and they also participated in small projects together with subjects such as Language, Biology and English.

PE departament organised their year curriculum with the following premises:
1. The value and cooperation in team sports and physical effort.
2. Dynamics and strategies in team sports.
3. Health and Sports: importance of the combination of both.

Videoconference about Olympic Education Programmes

I participated is a videoconference about Olympic Education Programmes where I shared what my school does regarding this topic together with our experience in the different Youth Forums. I was kindly invited by Nelson Todt from Brazil.