Report from Estland

Ülenurme Gymnasium 2018

 The year 2018 has been successful year with multiple events. Month after month school has been taken part in basketball, volleyball, football, dodgeball, track and field outdoor and indoor, gymnastics, skiing, shooting competitions. Annually, at the end of school year sport’s camp has been organized for the elementary school pupils. This year there were about 250 students participating from the grades two to five. 

Also Our Teachers Have Been Very Active.

This year they won teachers’ tournament in basketball. Right at the beginning of 2019 there will be teachers volleyball tournament, where Ülenurme will be represented with two teams.

We Represent Estonia in ISF School Basketball WCH in Crete 2019

We are honoured to announce that Ülenurme Gymnasium earned the privilege to represent Estonia in ISF School Basketball WCH in Crete 2019.

Athelete of the Year Award

Ülenurme has tradition to give out school’s Athelete of the Year Award. This year´s award winners were Birgit Paidre – gymnastic, World Cup 3rd place and Kahru Männik – shooting, Estonian Adult championship 3rd place and multiple 1st places in junior level.

Excellent Ski Results on Junior Level

Also our school ski team shows excellent results on junior level. Robin Möll is preparing for the Junior WCH and his goal is 2022 BEIJING OG.

The Best Group of Volounteers

In a meanwhile Ülenurme students keep up their good work as one of the best group of volounteers (SCULT Award 2017- ) which help out at different national sports events.

In September 2018 School Olympic Games in Ülenurme Gymnasium were held for the10th time. First time was in 1998. This year’s patron was discus Olympic Winner Gerd Kanter, who spoke before students and attended in an Opening Ceremony and lighted Olympic Fire. More than 1000 students took part from different events ( sports, art, discussion etc). Besides students from Ülenurme, there were teams from neighbour schools participating and also team from Gymnasium am Römerkastell from Germany.

Many Competitions in Different Sports

During the whole school year Ülenurme Gymnasium has held many competitions in different sports for the classes and also events where parents can join such as The Sportive Father’s Day, Group Gymnastics Evening (where besides students, group of moms put their act together) or even bike/hike days before everybody leave for summer break. In addition to that, students themselves organize workhops and different competitions to enrich after school program.

The are approximately around 200 (sport) events (incl local, national, Baltics, International) that Ülenurme Gymnasium students participate in during the whole year.

Ülenurme has been part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network for years.

In this September school had an opportunity to be the host for the student conference ``Unified Schools in a Changing World`` that, besides different speakers, included several interesting workshops till the late ours. About 130 students participated from differet schools in Estonia.

The school intends to continue next year with the aforementioned traditional events and focus more on including the Olympic values in different classes.