Report of activities about the Olympic Movement

and our membership in the Coubertin-network

Tasks being part of the curriculum

  • Children at the age of 12 (2nd form) learn about the Ancient Olympic Games during their history-lessons and teachers inform about our school being part of the Coubertin-network
  • Students of the 6th form can choose between different subjects:
    • Those who select “Theory of sports and leisure education” cover the Olympic Movement during the chapter “sports and society”
    • Others who select “Culture and Europe” learn in the first part about French culture and here again about sports in France: Pierre de Coubertin as the founder of the IOC and the initiator of the Modern Olympic Games is part of the teaching content.
  • Finally, we do benefit of times, in which we can neither use our gym nor do sports outside (when the gym is transformed into the ballroom for our school-ball) to teach some sports-theory, especially education about the Olympic Games and Pierre de Coubertin.
    • During the Covid-19-pandemic this part took a larger range than usual.

Special periodic events

  • We celebrate the Olympic Dayat the end of our schoolyear by organising a sports-festival.Students who took part or will take part in the Pierre de Coubertin-Forum create posters about our membership in the Coubertin-network and a quiz about the Olympic Values. At the opening and closing ceremony the head of our school points out to the special day (Olympic Day) and our involvement in the Coubertin-network. Finally, there is a tombola at the end of the quiz.
  • On the “Day of Grammar-schools”in November, students who participated in the PdC-Youth-Forum present this great event in the festival-room for all students from 14 up to inform the others and to share their impressions and best moments.
  • Unfortunately, these two events had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19-pandemic.

Symbols in the school building

  • There is a huge portrait of Pierre de Coubertin in our schoolvis-à-vis of the portrait of the founder of our school – Saint Giovanni Bosco.
  • Since 2020,the columns in the hallway to the gym are shining in the Olympic colours.