Report from Germany

Pierre de Coubertin Sports High School Erfurt

 Our fourth school-based Pierre de Coubertin Award at Pierre de Coubertin Sports High School Erfurt, Germany 

The Olympic Winter Games started with an incredible opening ceremony in PyeongChang, South Korea. 

Not only the spectators were looking forward to this moment, also the athletes and participants who had been working hard for this moment during the last years. 

Every time the number of participants, spectators and athletes rises, the opening and closing ceremonies become bigger and bigger and the number of disciplines is also growing. No Olympic Games today? – Inconceivable! 

Without Coubertin’s engagement to recreate the ancient games, we would not even enjoy this big sporting event today. Honouring him and his achievements, the students and teachers of our school celebrate a school-based Pierre de Coubertin Award every two years. 

Traditionally, this day starts with an opening ceremony, organised and performed by athletes of our school. This year, we celebrated it on the ice rink for the first time. 


The purpose of this special day involves learning about the Olympic values, like excellence, fair play, harmony of body, mind and will as well as respect.

In five different disciplines the participants show how they understand Coubertin’s message and ideas. There is a wide range of practice opportunities to gain experience.

After a lecture about the life and work of the humanist, held by Mrs. Nikolaus and Mrs. Blümel, the students learnt more details about the Olympic Movement.

According to the traditional concept, the majority of the competitions are conducted in the form of bilingual modules, to make the students have fun in learning and speaking other languages.

In different sport competitions the students had to show they could achieve top performances, not only in their special sport. Thus, they had to prove their skills in luge and curling. Tactics and techniques were important in biathlon and ski jumping.

Of course, the main focus was on joy of effort and collecting new experiences.

After that, artistic creativity was needed during the music workshop, which was all about rhythmic feeling and talent in singing. At the same time other teams were discussing the right nutrition for athletes and the Olympic values.

Bilingual Module on healthy nutrition

Certainly, one of the most important disciplines of the award was the knowledge test, in which the participants had to prove their knowledge about Coubertin and the history of the Olympic Games. Together with an individual social performance, these five disciplines symbolize the important disciplines, which participants of our school team have to provide during the next international Youth Forum of Coubertin Schools. 

The participants’ aim of this award was, to be among the best students of our school to save a ticket for the 12th Youth Forum 2019 in Mâcon, France. 

As former participants at the 11th Youth Forum in Ülenurme, Estonia, in 2017, we can say, that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We met a lot of nice students from all over the world and enjoyed wonderful moments. 

It’s nice to spread Coubertin’s thoughts and ideas with students from other schools and nations. We will never forget these moments! So we hope that the participants of the Coubertin Award 2018 are also looking forward to taking part in the coming Youth Forum. 

We thank Mrs. Nikolaus for the organization of these two days and for the opportunity to represent our school in the Youth Forum last year. 

During the sports competitions
Presentation of the Olympic anthem during the Closing Ceremony
Paula Mertten & Antonia Greskamp
Reporters of the 11th form