Report from Italy

The pandemic has been strongly influencing all our lives and activities and also schools in Italy have been working hard in order to grant to all pupils their right to be educated and to stay together. However, students attending the higher grades were forced, after November 3rd, to stay at home again, after the first experience last spring.


The activities at our school, Liceo Della Rovere, started on September 14th. All students attended their lessons, they were in their classroom, where desks had been separated in order to guarantee a minimum distance of one meter from mouth to mouth. However, after a couple of weeks, some groups where put in quarantine, so that during the month of October just a few classes could physically attend their courses. The classes whose students and teachers were forced to stay at home, started with online teaching and learning again. The pandemic reached its worst level at the beginning of November. After November 3rd, all higher schools were obliged to go on with online lessons and the situation hasn’t changed yet.


During all these months, our school went on also with its extra courses, such as theatre, music, biology with online activities, which has been much appreciated by our students and families.


The Italian government is planning to let our students go back to school after the Christmas holidays, but several rules must be observed: not just distancing or wearing masks, but also spreading lessons through morning and afternoon, thus reducing the number of students being at school at the same time. Much work must be done in order to make it possible, especially concerning public transports, so that the date on January 7th does not seem very realistic at the moment.


Of course our hope is to go back to our everyday life as soon as possible.