Report from Slovakia

Gymnázium Pierra de Coubertina, Piešťany

Olympic Education

Gymnázium Pierra de Coubertina, Piešťany, Slovakia

Olympic Day

September 2017

Experiences Presentation

Members of the 2017 Youth Forum in Ülenurme, Estonia team presented their experiences to our freshmen during a Welcome to our School Ceremony
and during the Open Door Day:

Presentation on Olympism

Selected members of the 2017 team and aspiring members of the 2019 team gave a presentation on Olympism to their younger schoolmates.

Blood draft

Students organized volunteered in and participated in a blood draf titled Pierre´s Drop of Blood.
5 June 2018

Knowledge Competition organized by the Slovak Olympic Committee:

Team 1 rate of success: 100% won them a place in the competition finals held on 29 – 30 Oct. 2018
Team 2 rate of success: 80%

Olympic Day

June 2018

Participation in the Olympic Knowledge Test organized by the Slovak Olympic Commitee

May and 12 November 2018
Two three-member teams took part in the online test with the success rate of 80% and 100%. The latter then continued to compete on the National level and placed 1st in the category of high school contestants.

Aspiring team members for the 12th International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum in Macon 2019:

Adam Aponyi
Andrej Beňačka
Barbora Blštáková
David Gono
Tereza Kublová
Natalia Pločeková
Juraj Štefanka
Prepared by: Eva Corticelli
in Piešťany 2 June, 2018