Report from Slovakia

Gymnázium Pierra de Coubertina, Piešťany

Annual Report

Cooperating with Olympic Committees, Olympic and sports clubs:

OCEP initiative organized by the National Olympic Committee in Azerbaijan

May 2020

In May, student Emma Kleinova paricipated in an OCEP initiative organized by the National Olympic Committee in Azerbaijan. The goal of the project was to support the schoolchildren and young people around the world during the covid-19 quarantine regime. Students were asked to send in a video in which they shared the many various activities they engaged in while confined at home inspiring and motivating others to find meaningful ways of spending their time as they shared their passions and culture. These videos were then posted on the OCEP Twinning Schools facebook page.

Sport activities for children during an Olympic Day

21th June 2020

On June 21, 20 students – Natália Mesáková, Laura Rapáková, Emma Halmešová, Dominika Hrebíková, Eliška Sobotová, Dominika Miklovičová, Emma Kleinová, Laura Lukáčiková, Dominika Hritzová, Liliana Pažítková, Mirka Drahovská, Sára Hercegová, Elise Mária Ábelová, Rebeka Reginová, Róbert Hadbábny, Mária Bieliková, Marek Vatrt, Adela Bundová, Klára Švorcová, and Lukáš Svetlík.volunteered to help facilitate sporting activities for children during an Olympic Day event open to public organized by our local Olympic Club and 17 local sports clubs.

Choose Your Sport

5th September 2020

In a simiar manner, on September 5, 7 student volunteers – Elise Mária Ábelová, Tomáš Sokolovský, Ester Ellen Štubňová, Elisabeth Salvianyová, Matej Brezovský, Klára Wiedermannová and Nikola Kutálková helped out with organization of another charitable sporting event open to the public, Choose Your Sport, organized by an initciative Happy Move in collaboration with an Association of Sports Clubs.

300 participants generously donated 1900,- eur which were used to finance necessary medical treatment of a girl in need.

Online sport and sports knowledge competition

Number of students participated in a pilot online sport and sports knowledge competition organized by the Coubertin Academy and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the EU. Students recorded their best times in an 800m run and 100m swim, took a sports knowledge quiz and posted brief reflections on their perception of social inclusion. Top 10 students will compete in person for Ivan Luknár’s Trophy when the pandemic situation allows.

Cooperating with partner schools from the Coubertin School Network:

Students in grades Kvarta reached out to their peers from our partner schools from the Coubertin School Network by sending out letters introducing themselves and initiating a letter exchange. Students from class I.B prepared and shall shortly sent out presentations on the countries of our partner schools expressing their appreciation for their culture, history, sports achievements, food and natural beauty.

Spreading the word on CIPC activities as well as activities within the Coubertin school network:

Following a lesson on writing semi-formal letters in their English Language class, students in class I.B were informed about the opportunity to participate in Olympic Day celebration organized by our partner school in Estonia in September 2021 and the International Pierre de Coubertin forum in Cyprus in October 2022. They were then encouraged to write a semi-formal letter to their teacher asking for additional information regarding either of the events.

Striving for excellence in sport:

10th February

On February 10, led by our talented PE teacher Mgr. Petra Šimová, 5 students – Reginová Rebeka, Aponyi Adam, Blažejová Natália, Gerátová Karin and Brišková Viktória participated in the National Championship in Aerobics with Reginová Rebeka placing 5th.

4th March

On March 4, a team of 12 students – Friewald, Sloboda, Bušík, Tomaga, Valo, Chudý, Janotík, Halanda, Štefanka, Rulák, Horil a Reško – coached by Mgr. Paradi placed 3rd in the Regional Championship in High School Futsal.

29th September

On September 29, 3 students – Tobias Munk, Oliver Kardoš and André Hlinka took part in the 9th Slavic Championship of Elementary and High School Students in Golf in Welten golf club in Báč with Tobias placing 2nd.


11th November

On November 11, 7 students – Emil Hubinák, Peter Štubňa, Petra Jančovičová, Denis Šebo, Matúš Tábi, Sebastián Urbánek and Daniel Valko participated in an online version of the Regional Championship of Elementary and High School Students in Chess with Petra Jančovičová and Maúš Tábi qualifying for the National Championship of High School Students.

Striving for excellence in academics:

11th February

On February 11, 4 students – Laura Sophie Mináriková, Tereza Kubincová, Dávid Mladenov and Zoja Mlynáriková took part in the regional round of German Language Olympics with Laura Sophie Mináriková placing 1st and qualifying for the national round.

13th February

On February 13, student Emma Madunická won the regional round of the Slovak Language and Literature Olymopics and qualified for the national round.

7th May

On May 7, students Rebeca Gratke with her paper on “Mutual interaction of natural substances emitted by plants and microscopic fungi parasitizing on borago oficinalis” and Soňa Ciklaminiová with her paper on “Showing the number of free seats in a school canteen” placed 4th in a national competition in writing scientific research papers on a topic of choice in a preferred area of study.

Student Emma Vičanová won the national round of a literary competition Literárna Senica Ladislava Novomeského 2020 with her prose.


In May, 6 students – Liana Mitošinková, Elise Mária Ábelová, Adam Horváth, Simona Hrabovská, Miroslava Seewaldová, and Patrik Miroslav Tremboš – participated in the online regional round of Olympics in Chemistry.


4 students participated in an online regional round of Olympics in Biology with Eliška Rusnáková placing 2nd and qualifying for the national round which she completed successfully, Nina Mičová and Emma Kleinová placing 3rd, and Tomáš Sokolovský 5th.


Student Andrej Beňačka participated in the Olympics in Human Rights placing 2nd in an essay competition organized by the United Nations Information Service in Vienna.

Student initiatives, community outreach and charitable events:

17th January

On January 17, a Student Ball organized by members of the Student Committee lead by Andrej Beňačka and Nina Mária Masaryková, took place in a local restaurant. Students organized not only the event itself but also provided wonderful cultural program and entertainment.

14th February

On February 14, students organized a Valentine Post.

5th July

On July 5, students initiated nature clean up.

Covid student volunteers – Lukáš Valo, active member of the crisis team, aided in coordinating other peer volunteers, Matej Husák and Gabriel Korman volunteered to aid the elderly with running errands, Lukáš Valo, Sabína Toráčová, Alžbeta Nováková and Gabriel Korman volunteered in the local quarantine center, Dária Vidová, Lenka Ilavská and Adam Aponyi were on call, ready to jump in and help when needed.

12th September

On September 18, 12 students – Matej Brezovský, Klára Wiedermannová, Nikola Kutálková, Andrea Korcová, Veronika Galová, Lea Chynoranská, Tomáš Sokolovský, Elise Mária Ábelová, Elisabeth Salvianyová, Ester Ellen Štubňová, Dominika Valková and Natália Jančovičová participated in a fundraiser initiated by the Slovak Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

22nd September

On September 22, 4 students – Klára Švorcová, Lucia Pernischová, Marko Klement and Matúš Urban under the leadership of their PE teacher, Mgr. Paradi participated in the regional competition Young Rescuer organized by the Regional Office in Cooperation with the Red Cross.

Report prepared by Eva Corticelli, Olympic Education Coordinator at Gymnázium Pierra de Coubertina, Piešťany, Slovakia on December 6, 2020.