Report from Spain

San Juan Bautista – La Salle Corrales

Annual Report 2020

The aim of this report is to summarize some of the activities that took place during the academic year 2019-2020. As everyone knows, Covid-19 has had a strong impact in our curriculum and in the way we teach. The government restrictions are quite strict in our country, so, as a result, all the activities which involve physical contact and material sharing should be avoided. During the lockdown period, that was especially harmful for our school, because, due to these laws, we had to cancel most of the projects and activities in relation with Olympism. In addition, all the units of the Physical Education subject needed to be adapted to the new reality so as to follow the protocols and guarantee the safety of our students.

Pre-Covid 19 Stage

Here is a summary of some of the activities performed from January to March in the different school sections.

Celebration of the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace
Celebration of Eurovision´s Festival
Skiing and Snowboarding practice
Celebration of La Chandeleur (France)
Global Classrooms (United Nations Mock Conference)
Olympic Project in Pre-Primary
Donations of food and toys on the first Thursday of every month
Our student Alain in the World Ciclocross Championships

Covid 19 Stage

We ended the school year with online teaching. During this stage, we tried to carry out social actions for the benefit of the school community. We truly believe that students grew in this dimension. Here are a few examples:

Creation of rainbows including positive messages
Creation of plastic screens with 3D Printers for hospitals and sanitary staff
Students left stones with optimistic messages on the exterior walls of the school
Teachers performed online physical routines to encourage students