Report from Spain

San Juan Bautista - La Salle Corrales School
This report shows the school activities related to sports and Olympism that have taken place during this academic year 2017-2018. We have selected the four that we consider the most important, independently of the accomplishment of numerous activities more, within the programs of the Physical Education area.

European School Sports Day

September 29th

 On the occasion of the celebration of the European School Sports Day, we carried out two activities in the school. During the break time, Pre-Primary and Primary students had a Zumba lesson by Aida Robles, dance teacher in one of the local academies. After the school hours and within the project “PDALEA” promoted by the college with the aim of promoting the use of bikes and cycling, we conducted a cyclist tour through the village opened to the entire educational community (students, parents and teachers) with a great participation success. For its realization we have the collaboration of the local cycling team “Bathco”. 

“The Olympic Games” Project

From March 19th to March 30th

 During March´s second fortnight, the fifth and sixth grade students worked on a project about Olympic Games. Within it and in an interdisciplinary way, they worked in many aspects such as the Olympic values, Pierre de Coubertin´s figure, the knowledge of the Youth Forum and the participating countries, etc. The final goal of the project was to hold an “official” opening ceremony giving students roles to represent, which would later conclude with the celebration of the Sports Day. Due to weather conditions this final activity could not be done, and Sports Day was postponed to June. 

School Olympics

May 25th

On May 25 the Department of Education of the county held the first School Olympics in the province. Together with us, another three schools participated in them. Around three hundred kids had the opportunity to give their best. The athletic events were: 100 meters sprint, 400 meters, long jump, shotput and relay races 4×100. Our students had great results, since they had very recently “The Olympic Games” project, in which they had practiced the same disciplines. It turned out to be a great initiative due to the presence of Olympic values and the moments of coexistence between schools. 

II Sports Day – Pierre de Coubertin

June 21st

After the cancellation due to weather conditions in March, we decided to move the II Sports Day – Pierre de Coubertin to the school´s penultimate day. The innovation with respect to last year, was the inclusion in it of the Pre-Primary pupils. The successful format of the previous year was repeated. Depending on their age, the students could practice six different sports in a rotating way. For its realization, we had the collaboration of local clubs monitors that helped the students in the different sports. 

Prepared by: Eva Corticelli
in Piešťany 2 June, 2018