Report from Ukraine

Secondary school #142 Dnipro City

Olympic education 2017-2018

Our school wants to become a Coubertin School and the Olympic education has a long tradition in our school

Olympic week

8-13.09.17 /// 1-11 classes

Olympic lesson »Olympians of Ukraine. Where do patriots come from?«, the video lesson »Coubertin School«, the poster competition on the topic »Get up from the couch!«, the exhibition of literature »Sport and Health«, drawing competition »I and sports«, a traditional athletics relay race, a drag race and a football match.

Olympic lesson with an Olympic medalist!

20.09.17 /// 5-9 classes
Anna Ryzhikova-Yaroshchuk is visiting our children


During the year /// 5-11 classes
Football competitions, futsal competition, volleyball competition, basketball 3x3 competition, athletic competition ``Starts of hopes``

Health - the most valuable treasure

3.10.17 /// 1-4 classes Photo exhibition
The school tour of intellectual competitions »Connoisseurs of Olympic Sport«
29.11.17 /// 4 and 8 classes

The district tour

of intellectual competitions »Connoisseurs of Olympic sports«
15.12.17 /// 4 and 8 classes

Awarding the winner

… of the All-Ukrainian Contest of Student Scientific Works on the History of the Olympic Movement. Yachmennykova Angelina, the 11th class

21.12.17 /// 11 class

Olympic Baby Stork

School tour Ukrainian sports events for children »Olympic Baby Stork«

25.01.18 /// 5-7 classes


The city tour of Ukrainian sport events for children »Olympic Baby Stork«.

5.04.18 /// 5-7 classes

Prize winners!

Regional tour of the All-Ukrainian sport and mass event for children »Olympic Baby Stork«.

26.04.18 /// 5-7 classes

The fifth ceremony

… of awarding students Medal »Award Fair Play« and competition »Olympic agitation«

13.12.17 /// 6th classes

Educational hour

»The motocross achievements of Tsap Dmitry, a student of the 9th grade.«

22.12.17 /// 9th class

Olympic brain – ring

Intellectual competitions

27.03.18 /// 8th classes

School Olympics Easter Festival!

2.04.18 /// 1-4 and 5-11 classes

The International Day of Sport

… for the Sake of Peace and Development! Our guest is the sports club »Sturm«

6.04.18 /// 5-10 classes

Sport stars of the school

Photo gallery, elementary School

10.04.18 /// 1-4 classes

The geography of the Olympic Games

Extracurricular event for students of the 8th grade

12.04.18 /// 8 classes

Pierre de Coubertin. Olympic Values

Binary educational event in English and German for the students of the 8-A form on the topic

3.05.18 /// 8th class

Olympic Day 2018

at the school
23.05.18 /// 1-11 classes

Olympic Day 2018

in Dnipro city
23.05.18 /// 7 class

The work of school

holiday camp
1.06.-18.07.18 /// 1-5 classes