We are pleased to announce that a book entitled “Reinventing Sport and Olympic Games after Covid-19: return to Pierre de Coubertin was launched on 1st January 2021 to commemorate the 158th anniversary of birth of Pierre de Coubertin (1st January 1863- 2 September 1937).

This book is a compendium of writings which were presented at two Sports eMuseum Expositions (eMuseu do Esporte).

The main goal of this book is to make reference to the writings and views of Pierre de Coubertin and make a link with the relevant topics and discussions of today which aim to help renovate sport in general and the Olympic Games in particular.  

The digital presentation of this book is a result of collaboration and the partnership between the Sports eMuseum and the Brazilian Pierre de Coubertin Committee. Theeditors are Nelson Todt, Ana Miragaya and Lamartine DaCosta. 

25 authors from five continents have collaborated in this project thus giving this publication a truly international character.

This book can be accessed free of charge on the following website– Publications – CIPC (

We thank the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee for its support at all times.

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