The Japan Olympic Academy, under the auspices of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CIPC), organised the 43rd JOA Session online on 10 January 2021. The topic of the Session was the meaning and philosophy of “Olympic Solidarity”. The session consisted of a series of talks by nine experts in a relay format and was coordinated by two top athletes, an Olympian, Takahisa OGUCHI, and Haruka TAKASHIMA. The themes presented by each speaker were as follows:

  • “The management and use of the IOC Olympic Solidarity subventions and programmes by the JOC’’, by Kenji NISHIMURA, Japanese Olympic Committee;
  • “Who initiated the idea of Olympic Solidarity and why?” by Kyoko RAITA, Chukyo University, member of the CIPC;
  • “How has the philosophy of Solidarity been dealt with in the Olympic Charter?” by Soya ISHIZUKA, Japan Sport Association;
  • “How does Coubertin relate Solidarity to the Olympic Games?” by Koichi WADA, Ferris University, member of the CIPC;
  • “What was the situation in French society at the time when the idea of Solidarity was called for?” by Hiroko TATEISHI, Hosei University, member of the CIPC;
  • “The activities of the Judo Education Solidarity and the principles that have supported it” by Keiko YONEMOTO, JUDOs;
  • “How do the teachings of Jigoro Kano influence the Judo Education Solidarity?” by Hisashi SANADA, Tsukuba University;
  • “Why does the philosophy of Solidarity appear so often in the messages of IOC Presidents?” by Wakako YUKI, The Yomiuri Shimbun (Newspaper);
  • “What are the challenges for the development of the Olympic Movement in terms of Solidarity?” by Junko TAHARA, Kokushikan University, vice-president of the CIPC.

Report by Junko Tahara, January 2021, Tokyo

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