IPCC General Assembly was held online and attended by a record number of 47 members covering 21 nationalities from 4 continents. Our special guest was Mr. Jacques GUHL, a close contemporary witness of Pierre de Coubertin`s life in Lausanne and the founder of the IPCC in 1975. It was a special moment for all participants of the General Assembly to listen to the 98 years old Mr. GUHL who addressed the Assembly with a lively message encouraging us to apply modern reading of Coubertin. Mr. GUHL was accompanied by his daughter Agnès GUHL who is also an IPCC member.

The online meeting was structured in a goal-oriented manner in order to shorten its length. Reports were presented on the on-going projects by the Executive Board members, chaired by the IPCC President, Prof. Stephan WASSONG. These reports gave evidence of the contemporary profile of the IPCC showing that the institution responded in a very active way to the numerous challenges linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our members presented the projects that they were working on at present: IPCC Archives and their digitalization; IPCC Directory; IPCC Virtual exhibition on Coubertin and the Arts; the 2022 International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum; and the planning of a Conference in 2022 in Los Angeles in collaboration with the United States Pierre de Coubertin Committee.
We have been receiving an increased number of requests for individual membership, for recognition of National Pierre de Coubertin Committees and Coubertin schools.

We are also witnessing a great increase of activities within our membership, in national committees and schools who are all seeking our support, assistance and guidance. This new moment in our development shows that there is a greater international interest in the IPCC which required a profound analysis of our future activities as well as some changes in the management of our institution. Interest in our institution is based on its academic profile which focuses on educational knowledge transfer in different setting and for various target groups.

As a result of increased number of members and fructiferous developments within the national committees, new working groups have been established in order to better manage all our activities. Communications Commission has been established with a very important responsibility and task to optimize internal and external communication channels and policies of the IPCC.

A working group dedicated to teachers of Pierre de Coubertin schools is ready to plan lecture series on different topics of Olympic Studies. Monthly online lectures will be delivered to teachers in an easy, didactical and approachable way from October 2021 until July 2022.

Our agenda did not cover reports by the National Pierre de Coubertin Committees which have always been the highlight of the General Assembly meetings in the past. In view of their growing number and important activities that they have been developing in recent years, we plan to have an additional meeting dedicated to their activities in order to give them the space that they merit. An extraordinary General Assembly will take place on 10 July 2021. This arrangement had been announced previously and the date has been approved by all members present.

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