A few words about the author and this book

Jean DURRY, writer, world-known sports historian, founder of the National French Sport Museum, laureate of the International Society of Olympic Historians: “Life Achievement Award”, and one of the most eminent researchers on Pierre de Coubertin.

This book was first published in French in 1994, LE VRAI PIERRE DE COUBERTIN, on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the International Olympic Committee with a forward by the then IOC President, Juan Antonio SAMARANCH. Translations of this book were carried out in several languages and new editions were published as follows:

  • English edition, 1996, “Pierre de Coubertin the Visionary”, to honour the Olympic Games in Atlanta;
  • Chinese edition, 2008, to honour the Olympic Games in Beijing;
  • Portuguese edition, 2016, to honour the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro;
  • Spanish edition, 2018, to honour the Summer Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires with a forward by our actual IOC President, Thomas BACH;
  • Japanese edition, 2021, to honour the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

We acknowledge and thank the support of the team of the Japanese Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CJPC), Kei ITO, Masuhiro OHNO, Kyoko RAITA, Hiroko TATEISHI, Junko TAHARA, Keiko WADA and Koichi WADA.

This Japanese edition includes a new chapter, “Pierre de Coubertin and KANO Jigoro”, which was not included in the original French edition. KANO Jigoro was the first IOC member for Japan and Asia, and the official who led Japan’s participation at the Olympic Games. As noted in the text, Coubertin and Kano were contemporaries and are believed to have had a mutual influence on each other.

Our website provides links to all editions of this book in various languages.

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