International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (IPCC) initiated a series of lectures for teachers at the IPCC international network of Coubertin schools. This programme of lectures is the initiative of the IPCC President, Prof. Dr Stephan WASSONG, that fulfils one of the IPCC’s main missions, the transfer of knowledge. The fist lecture was presented by Prof. Dr Stephan WASSONG on Friday 29 October on the topic Pierre de Coubertin and the Olympic Athlete.

The lecture was well attended by teachers from Coubertin schools in Austria, Brazil, Congo-Brazzaville, France, Germany, Greece, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain and Ukraine. 

Prior to the lecture, an introduction with a brief historical overview on the network of Coubertin schools was presented by Dr Ines NIKOLAUS (GER), IPCC Vice-President delegate for the international network of Pierre de Coubertin schools. 

Some lecturers who will present future lectures were also present: IPCC Vice Presidents Jean DURRY (FRA) and Junko TAHARA (JPN), IPCC Corresponding Board member for Latin America, Prof. Nelson TODT (BRA) and an IPCC Communications working group member, Hilla DAVIDOV (ISR).

All lectures will be available for downloading on the IPCC website. The next lecture is scheduled for 29th November at 4.00 pm CET.

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