It was with heavy hearts that we announced the passing of our dear Honorary President and friend, Prof. Dr. Norbert Müller. The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (IPCC) invited all its members to a memorial gathering on Friday 18 February being united together to honor the person who has done so much for his colleagues, students and friends.

There were 74 attendees present, many of whom wished to say a few words about their friendship with Norbert. Among special guests, we welcomed the representatives from the IOC Olympic Studies Centre, the International Fair Play Committee, two members from the Coubertin family, many representatives from national Pierre de Coubertin Committees and schools. Three of Norbert’s children wished to be with us: Susanna, Teresa and Andreas.

IPCC President, Prof. Dr. Stephan Wassong, pronounced a speech dedicated to the person of Norbert Müller file: Tribute to Norbert Müller – 18 February 2022.pdf

Norbert was a true believer in the Olympic values and now we need to continue his path by carrying his beliefs within us in our own lives. We know that he would want us to continue on with our duties just like he did.

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