We are pleased to present the 7th issue of our International Academic Journal of Olympic Studies, DIAGORAS. Its main aim is to promote a critical understanding of Olympism, the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. The focus of the journal is on Olympic Studies, with an emphasis on the educational, pedagogical, historical, socio-cultural, communicative and sport and exercise science aspects of Olympic Studies. DIAGORAS is a multidisciplinary scholarly journal that advances knowledge and understanding in related fields. It focuses on original research, integrative and analytical reviews and philosophical discussions on Olympic issues.

This number honours Paris 2024, which bridges the past and the future in the Olympic movement. 2024 is the year of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, the city celebrating the 100th anniversary of the last Summer Olympic Games in 1924. The Olympic Games will return to the birthplace of Pierre de Coubertin, and the organisers want to offer these Games to all the people of France and the world. This holistic approach confirms the development of the humanistic endeavour of Olympism for all.

We thank all the contributors for their inspirational messages.