We are pleased to report on our videoconference meeting with national Pierre de Coubertin committees held on Saturday 10 July 2021. We witnessed excellent reports by 19 committees and 7 candidate committees seeking IPCC recognition representing all continental regions. 

We stress a rich variety of programmes that these committees have developed since our last meeting in 2019, actively carrying out the mission of the IPCC: to make known the works of Pierre de Coubertin fostering the study on his integral humanism, pedagogical and social thinking. Most importantly, they applied Coubertin’s educational leitmotifs to present day situations at different academic and scholar levels at universities, high-schools and primary schools.

National Pierre de Coubertin committees that attended the meeting: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Congo Brazaville, France, Germany, India, Japan, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Uruguay and the US;

Candidate committees that attended the meeting: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Israel, Peru and San Marino

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