On the occasion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, Uruguayan Pierre de Coubertin Committee initiated various educational activities throughout the country in order to disseminate knowledge and information about the work and life of Pierre de Coubertin.

Their activities were based on providing information about the origin of the Olympic Games and their renovator.

In order to achieve their goals, the members of the Committee visited many educational centers: primary and secondary schools as well as universities. They distributed didactic materials to the teaching staff and pupils which was provided by the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. 

Educational sessions were held at primary schools on sport and the Olympic Games explaining Olympic symbols and their meaning: Olympic flag, Olympic mascots, Olympic emblems, etc. 

Relation between sport and art was also evoked. 

Special encounters throughout the country with the press and media were based on providing information about the host country of the Olympic Games, Japan, and the host city, Tokyo and its Olympic heritage.

President of the Committee, Prof. Horacio Henry, gave a series of radio conferences of several hours of duration to the large public audience on the Olympic Movement and on Pierre de Coubertin.  

All these activities are ongoing until the end of the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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