The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (IPCC) wishes to mark the date when Pierre de Coubertin passed away in Geneva in the parc La Grange where he used to go for walks.

Let us remember that the former President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio SAMARANCH, together with the former President of the IPCC, Conrado DURÁNTEZ, planted a tree in this precise place on 4 April 2000 (see photo) honoring the founder of modern Olympic Games.

This year, members of all Pierre de Coubertin Committees of Latin America marked this day by a direct transmission form the park La Grange remembering Pierre de Coubertin and the years he spent in Geneva at the end of his life. The history of this park and the Villa La Grange were also evoked as places of historic importance where many international agreements were signed among others the Geneva Convention in 1864.

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