The International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH) has celebrated its 30th anniversary on Saturday 20 November 2021. On this occasion, the ISOH President, Christian WACKER, presented Prof. Dr. Norbert MÜLLER, German academic and scholar for over 50 years and Honor President of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee, with the ISOH Lifetime Achievement Award.

One of the most important qualities that was mentioned in the laudation was the project of many years of work on the publication of Coubertin’s Writings in three volumes and in their original language, French. Prof. Norbert MÜLLER’s person and generosity with his fellow colleagues was underlined by President WACKER and applauded by all present. From his home in Germany, Prof. Dr. Norbert MÜLLER thanked the ISOH for honoring him with the Lifetime Achievement Award and explained in detail some historical facts regarding the procedure and the context in which Coubertin’s Writings were brought to light not only in French language but also in other languages: Arabic, English, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

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