The Executive Board of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (IPCC) successfully discussed 22 points on the agenda of their meeting held via ZOOM on Saturday 4 December 2021. Proposals will be approved at the next General Assembly meeting to take place on 29 and 30 January 2022. Most of the projects will not be affected by eventual restrictions of COVID-19. The IPCC Board members and Corresponding members were invited to join the meeting and report on their activities.

The IPCC President, Prof. Dr. Stephan WASSONG, informed the members that the IPCC report 2020 had been approved by the International Olympic Committee. The IOC thanked the IPCC for their efficiency and for full-filling their mission of dissemination and transfer of knowledge on the work of Pierre de Coubertin.

Meeting of the IPCC Executive Board

Saturday 4 December 2021, by ZOOM and in person
11h00 – 19h00 CET
Hotel Continental, Lausanne

  1. Welcome by the President
  2. Approval of the minutes of the previous Executive Board meeting
  3. Report by the President
  4. Report by the Secretary General
  5. Report by the Treasurer
  6. Report – 13th International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum 2022, Ines Nikolaus
  7. Budget 2021 and proposal for 2022 budget
  8. IPCC Statutes – modifications

    On-going projects:
  9. Lectures for teachers of Coubertin schools, Stephan Wassong
  10. IPCC Directory, Natalia Camps Y Wilant
  11. IPCC Communications working group, Nelson Todt, Hilla Davidov
  12. Joint Conference IPCC-US Pierre de Coubertin Committee 2022, Annett Chojnacki, George Hirthler
  13. Financial assistance to National Pierre de Coubertin Committees – application form
  14. Next meeting of the IPCC General Assembly, 29 & 30 January 2022
  15. IPCC Scholarship Award, Nelson Todt
  16. Translations, update by IPCC Secretary General
  17. CIPC Archives – IPCC President
  18. Annual Fees 2022
  19. IPCC publications: “50th IPCC Anniversary”
  20. Book on Coubertin and Olympism for Athletes at the Olympic Village
  21. Paris 2024
  22. Miscellaneous
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