Our member, Natalia CAMPS Y WILANT, recently published her book »Sport in Stuttgart. A look back to the 1920s«. This book highlights individual facets of everyday sport practiced in Stuttgart hundred years ago. On 6 April 2022, she gave a short presentation in the lecture hall of the Stuttgart City Archives and developed a detailed discussion with the staff member Jürgen Lotterer about the writing process and some selected parts of the content. For example, the city´s variety of sports clubs fostered an active sports community in which every sports enthusiast found his or her sport. The “sports newspaper” of Stuttgart´s daily leading newspaper reported weekly on the sporting events. At the time of the annual run through Stuttgart, many spectators lined up in the streets and cheered for their athletes. 

This book conveys a lively and authentic impression of that time thanks to the scientifically researched and carefully selected background information together with diversified visual material.  

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