It is with satisfaction that we wish to make reference to the conference entitled Success Factors Towards the Conquest of Gender Equity in Sport, given by Dr Claudia Rojas, member of the Colombian Olympic Academy, and Mg. Lina Vélez, both members of the Pierre de Coubertin Committee of Colombia and teachers at the National School for Sport. This conference was organized online by the Centro Latinoamericano de Estudios Coubertinianos and the Coubertinian Youth Commission within the PROJOVEN cycle.

The speakers reported on the present results of their research project, which reflects on how this topic is treated and given attention by athletes, sport and educational organizations, federations and institutions in charge of promoting competitions and the Olympic Games themselves, from the time women first participated in the Olympic Games to Paris 2024. 

This conference aimed to bring together young people and researchers interested in sport and the Olympic Movement to discuss and reflect upon different concepts based on their respective cultures.  The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee thanks Dr Claudia Rojas and Mg. Lina Veléz for the important research that they are working on and wishes them successful completion of this important project.

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