The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee is proud to announce that the team of the Indian Pierre de Coubertin Association (IPCA) successfully translated Pierre de Coubertin’s Olympic Memoirs into the Hindi language. The presentation of this publication is made today when we remember the passing of Pierre de Coubertin on 2 September 1937.

We wish to remind our readers that the Indian Pierre de Coubertin Association was recognized on 26 January 2018 with headquarters in Ranchi, the state of Jharkhand. Their first activities were devoted to schools and the spread of education based on Olympic Values to children of all ages. Their pupils participated in two International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forums in Estonia and in France and were among the best. 

We take this occasion to thank the members of the Indian Pierre de Coubertin Committee for successfully developing several programmes in a short period of time and congratulate them for all their achievements. We wish the IPCA members many years of success in educating the youth of India.  

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