Sport for All: Cohesive, accessible and tailored to each person

29-30 September 2022

Several members of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (IPCC) attended the summit which was organized by the Vatican and entitled Sport for All: Cohesive, accessible and tailored to each person. All attendees signed the summit Declaration which is an invitation to concrete actions in all societies:  The declaration | sport for all ( With the momentum and guidance of the experts it was convened that the participants would work together, communiter, to accomplish their goals.

Pope Francis gave his support to the summit and pronounced a speech praising the noble goals that sport inspires in people of all ages To the Participants in the International Summit: “Sport for all. Cohesive, Accessible and Tailored to each Person” (30 September 2022) | Francis (

IOC President, Thomas Bach, was among the guests and addressed the summit representing the Olympic Movement:  Vatican-Sport-for-All-Conference-2022.pdf (

IPCC Vice-President, Prof. Nelson Todt, and IPCC member Gilles Lecocq are members of the working group that elaborated this Declaration. Prof. Nelson Todt chaired the session, which was attended by Thomas Bach and by Msgr. Emmanuel Gobillard, Bishop Delegate for Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

IPCC members Kostas Georgiadis, Marion Keim and Tomás Bolaño were also present at the summit. 

During the event, IPCC members presented two Pierre de Coubertin medals to the organizers of the event: Santiago Pérez de Camino, Head of the Church & Sport Office and Daniele Pasquini, President of the John Paul II Foundation for Sport. 

At the end each signatory greeted the Holy Father before signing the Declaration. They also met shortly with the IOC President. 

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