We are proud to announce that the founding member of the International
Pierre de Coubertin Committee, Jacques Guhl, celebrated his 100th Birthday
on Sunday 23 October 2022.
On behalf of all our members, the IPCC offered Jacques Guhl an olive tree
and handed over a message from the President, Stephan Wassong. Another
important message was also presented from the Latin American Centre for
Coubertinian Studies.
The celebration was attended by the President of the Swiss Canton of Valley
and the Mayor of Sion, city where Jacque Guhl lives.
The Football club of Sion was presented by the new generation of students
from the football school which was created by Jacques Guhl in 1957. 
Jacques Guhl’s two daughters were also present, Agnès and Geneviève Guhl.

We send our sincere congratulations to Jacque Guhl who is busy writing his
biography and wish him many more years of good health.

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