We thank our member, Philipp Waeffler (SUI), for providing the information on his participation at the 14th IOA Session for Educators along with his colleagues, also members of the IPCC: Prof. Elba Tomassoni (ARG) and Mr. Jaideep Sarkar (IND). Unfortunately, Dr. Malik Atour Evele (CMR) could not join the group. Under the guidance of the IPCC President, Prof Dr Stephan Wassong, they did not only attend interesting keynote lectures, but also participated in working groups and visited the archaeological site of ancient Olympia, as well as the library and museums on site and at the IOA.

The Session lasted from July 8 to 12, with a total of 28 participants from 19 countries. The seven keynotes covered interesting topics, including The impact of sport in modern societies (Colleen English, USA), Peace and Olympic education (Marion Keim, RSA), E-sports in the Olympic Movement (Jim Parry, UK), The Olympic Movement after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Yoav Dubinsky, ISR), ‍Sport as a tool for tailored and inclusive educational programmes (Dionyssis Gangas, GRE), University sport contribution to Olympic movement for the youth (Otmar Weiss, AUT) and The role of Olympism for and in university sports from a historical and pedagogical perspective (Stephan Wassong, GER). On the first day, a wreath was laid at the stele of Pierre de COUBERTIN in his memory. One morning the participants had the opportunity to visit the highly interesting archaeological site of Ancient Olympia. Another day at 5:00 a.m. Prof Wassong led a group of 11 participants up Kronos Hill to enjoy the spectacular view of the Alpheios Valley at sunrise.

Top image, from left to right: Prof Elba Tomassoni (ARG), Prof Dr Stephan Wassong (GER), Mr Philipp Waeffler (SUI), Prof Marion Keim (RSA), Mr Jaideep Sarkar (IND)

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