The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee announces with satisfaction that the Association of National Pierre de Coubertin Committees of Africa was established on 28 June 2022. A video conference gathered members of national Pierre de Coubertin committees of Africa who examined the Statutes of the newly created institution and proceeded with elections.

The main decisions resulting from the approval of the Statutes are:

  • The headquarters of the association will be in the country of the President.
  • The Statutes granted the title of ‘co-founding member ‘ to National Pierre de Coubertin Committees that took part in the constitutive meeting;

Election followed:

  • President: Dr. Malik Atour EVELE, was unanimously elected to the post of President;
  • Vice-Presidents: Mr. Pierre Albert NTUMBA WA NTUMBA (DRC), Ms. Nisha RAMDIN (Mauritius), Mr. Paul JOOF (The Gambia);
  • Secretary General: Prof. Dr. Marion KEIM (South Africa)
  • General Treasurer: Mr. NKOUNKOU Gentil Dominique (Congo Brazzaville)
  • Members of the Board: Mr. Christo De CONING (South Africa), Ms. OLOKO Marthe Chantal (Cameroon), Mr. BOIMBO Faustin (DRC) and Ms. Amita BOOLAUKY (Mauritius).

We wish them every success in the creation of their future heritage.

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