The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee congratulates the Centro Latinoamericano de Estudios Coubertinianos on organizing an important conference within its Mens Fervida programme, entitled Olim-PAI, based on the values of Pierre de Coubertin.  

The National Pierre de Coubertin Committee of Argentina organized a conference, giving all of the details about the new programme that has been implemented in 47 primary and secondary schools in the Province of Córdoba since 2021. The aim of the programme is to put in practice and make visible the figure of Pierre de Coubertin, providing academic and especially educational background on his work. 

This unique project was initiated by Professor Elba Tomassoni, Supervisor of Physical Education, Ministry of Education of the Province of Córdoba, in collaboration with Gabina Tanda and Patricia Bralo, both physical education teachers at Ricardo Palma Primary School. 

Pupils of all ages take part in this programme. Besides teaching values through sport, each school is tasked with learning about the history and culture of one country, thus eliminating distance between peoples. The successful development of this project is promising and has far-reaching expectations. It proves the legitimacy of the content of Coubertin’s pedagogy. It is innovative and arouses great interest among children in the schools of Córdoba.

Its practical application of Coubertin’s educational vision exceeds the scope of primary school education, and perhaps a third wave in its development will create new Olympic paradigms: Olympic values education adapted to the realities of each place.

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