On 24 November 2022 the annual meeting of the IOC Olympic Education Commission was held in Lausanne. The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (IPCC) members were present at the meeting: Marion Keim (online), Konstantinos Georgiadis, Eric Monnin and Stephan Wassong. The meeting focused on the following four topics: Olympic Values Education Overview and Role, Olympic Culture and Heritage, Olympic Studies Centre and Implementing OVEP. The activities of the IPCC touched all the points of the agenda. Stephan Wassong forwarded the newly published book The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee:  A Worldwide Network – Mission and Actors to the IOC President, Thomas Bach and to the chair of the Olympic Education Commission, Mikaela Cojuangco Jaworski. It was a successful meeting and an opportunity for the IPCC to strengthen the academic and educational importance that it holds within the Olympic movement.

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