On the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, 6 April 2023, the Republic of San Marino solemnly inaugurated the Via Barone Pierre de Coubertin at the Polo Sportivo North Stand, San Marino Stadium and Olympic and Sport Museum of Serravalle. The event counted with the presence of civil and sports authorities, citizens who did not want to miss this significant event promoted by the San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CSPC), the San Marino National Fair Play Committee (CNSFP) and the Serravalle Castle Council.

The Captain of Castello di Serravalle, Roberto Ercolani, officially inaugurated the event which was followed by speeches of members representing different institutions: the Secretary of State for the Interior, Elena Tonini, the Secretary of State for Education and Culture, Andrea Belluzzi, the Secretary of State for Sport, Teodoro Lonfernini, the Secretary of the San Marino National Olympic Committee, Eros Bologna, the President of the San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee, Matteo Sèlleri, and the presenter of the Arengo Application for the naming of the Via Barone Pierre de Coubertin, Riccardo Venturini. National Anthem, the Olympic Anthem and the Fair Play Anthem were played.

Sports performances by the Butterflies of the San Marino Sports Gymnastics Society and the young Serravalle Football Academy players were applauded by the spectators. The presentation of the 2023 Prizes of the San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee were awarded to a high-school student Giacomo Valentini, and to the Bishop of the Fonte dell’Ovo high-school who participates in an inspiring project dedicated to Pierre de Coubertin involving the students and teachers of the two schools of the Titano Middle Schools.

Also present were the Olympic medalist, Alessandra Perilli, the former Juventus football player, Massimo Bonini (founding member of the San Marino Fair Play Committee, Susy della Valle, Environment Territory Secretariat, Susy Serra, Sport Secretariat, Filippo Francini, Tourism Secretariat, Monica Michelotti, President of the Soroptimist Single Club San Marino, Bianca Maria Toccagni of the Kiwanis Club San Marino, the members of the San Marino National Fair Play Committee with the President Gian Battista Silvagni and San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee, members of the Council of Castello di Serravalle. President Sèlleri mentioned in his speech the greetings received from Stephan Wassong, President of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee, Philippe Housiaux, President of the European Fair Play Movement. Their appreciation and support of this event were highly appreciated by the organizers and authorities.

San Marino Pierre de Coubertin Committee – CSPC

San Marino National Fair Play Committee – CNSFPCouncil of Castello di Serravalle

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