The IOC Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) published on its website on 25th November its latest publication, the OSC Reference Document “Pierre de Coubertin – Life, Vision, Influences and Achievements of the Founder of the Modern Olympic Games”. Prof. Dr. Stephan Wassong, President of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (IPCC), was the main editor of the Coubertin Reference Document. He shared this responsibility with his colleague Gilles Lecocq from the French Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CFPC). The cooperation between the IPCC, the CFPC and the IOC OSC has been excellent. On the IOC OSC side, Maria Bogner, Jocelin Sebastiani and Martha MacIntosh played a leading role in the project. Following the IOC motto “Stronger Together”, an exciting and inspiring document has been published, which is relevant for a complete understanding of Coubertin’s thoughts, ideas and initiatives in the field of the Olympic Movement and even beyond. 

On 23 November, Stephan Wassong had the pleasure of presenting the publication to the IOC Olympic Education Commission. In his closing words, he thanked all the authors who had submitted excellent contributions and who had worked diligently with the editors to bring the publication to fruition.

The reference document is available from the Olympic World Library and is published in English and French. It contains 61 short and concise entries by distinguished authors on the following seven main topics:

• Pierre de Coubertin`s Life – Early Education Stimuli and Initiatives
• Founding the Olympic Movement
• Pierre de Coubertin`s IOC Presidency (1896 – 1925)
• Pierre de Coubertin Vision and Support for the Olympic Movement after his Presidency (1925 – 1937)
• Promoting Education, Physical education, Sport and Physical Activity through and beyond the   Olympic Movement
• Political Orientation, his Interests and Writings
• Coubertin Places of Memories.

Pierre de Coubertin : life, vision, influences and achievements of the founder of the modern Olympic Games / The Olympic Studies Centre – Olympic World Library

Pierre de Coubertin : vie, vision, influences et réalisation du fondateur des Jeux Olympiques modernes / Le Centre d’Etudes Olympiques – Olympic World Library (