The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (IPCC) held its General Assembly in Lausanne on 3 and 4 February. The Assembly approved and took the following important decisions:

  • The new logo of the institution has been approved by the Board, the General Assembly and by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirming its status of an Organisation Recognized by the International Olympic Committee.
  • Our Executive Board and Board have been successfully strengthened with the addition of a new Vice-President in charge of Education, Dr. Evele Malik Atour from Cameroon, and Mr. Victor Rodríguez from Switzerland, in charge of the IPCC’s Legal Affairs.
  • We have seven new individual members, whose applications were reviewed and approved by the IPCC Board and the General Assembly: Hisham Al-Adwani (Oman), Gilles Conter (France), Ronny Edelstein (Germany), Sanjaye Goboodun (Mauritius), Bhikhu Patel (India), Victor Rodríguez (Switzerland) and Umakant Singh (India).
  • The IPCC Board and General Assembly have reviewed and approved applications from National Pierre de Coubertin Committees of seven African countries: Algeria, Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Sahrawi Arab Republic and Tanzania.

An invited guest from the IOC Olympic Studies Centre, Maria Bogner, presented a very interesting update on the digitisation activities of the OSC and its latest project entitled “Discovering Pierre de Coubertin – an educational programme based on the words of Pierre de Coubertin”.

The General Assembly approved the proposal of our President, Stephan Wassong, to organise some events together with UNESCO, the International Fair Play Committee, the International Society of Olympic Historians and the Association of National Pierre de Coubertin Committees of Africa to celebrate Pierre de Coubertin at the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

The General Assembly was attended by 27 members in person and 29 members were connected via ZOOM.