… and the best ones should train people!

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of our dear friend, Jacques GUHL, the founding member of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee. He was the last living person who knew Pierre de Coubertin. A funeral mass was held on 23 January in the cathedral of Sion, Switzerland, in the presence of the city and cantonal authorities and a large number of friends who honoured Jacques.

He had the most remarkable vision to found the Pierre de Coubertin International Committee together with Dr Paul Martin in Lausanne in 1975. Both were close friends of Coubertin and had the inexhaustible faith in the values and visions promoted by Coubertin. The values of Olympism that they cherished have brought light and brightness to many people all over the world.

He was a force for good and always surprised us with his friendly approach to others, no matter what the situation. There were few people as special as Jacque Guhl. He was someone with whom we felt deeply connected, and although he is now gone, we will feel his presence through our work.

At our next General Assembly on 3 February, we will pay tribute to his extraordinary life and the causes that were important to him.

We wish to thank our members for the kind messages they sent to support Jacques and to remember his human and academic qualities.

Jacques Guhl, at the IOC headquarters in Vidy