In my function as President of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee, I wish to express my gratitude to all our members, national Pierre de Coubertin Committees and Pierre de Coubertin schools for their excellent achievements in fulfilling our missions and in disseminating worldwide programmes based on Olympic values and modern reading of the philosophy and pedagogy of Pierre de Coubertin.

On this Olympic Day, it is with satisfaction that I extend my appreciation and say THANK YOU for your engagement. Your exceptional achievements are recognized by the International Olympic Committee and by all those who benefit from your expertise in the transfer of knowledge.
Our readers will be glad to be acquainted with the activities that we are developing in 2023:

Jean Durry, IPCC President of honour, is receiving today the IOC Pierre de Coubertin medal from the IOC President, Thomas Bach at the IOC Headquarters in Lausanne.
20 years after the publication of the first volume of the “Coubertin autograph” (1889-1915), Jean Durry has retraced the second part of Pierre de Coubertin’s life in Volume II (1915-1937). Through some 155 letters and manuscripts that have been carefully selected, deciphered and transcribed identically, the author sets out to shed light on an extraordinary man who remains so little known. Jean Durry comments with unvarnished authenticity on the final years of the man who dedicated his life to the success of Olympism.

Two unique translations of Pierre de Coubertin’s Olympic Memoirs into Hindi and Swahili languages are presented on 23 June 2023 on the IPCC website.

Hindi is the first language to 425 million speakers and second language to 120 million speakers. It is spoken in India, Bangladesh, Mauritius, South Africa, Uganda and Yemen.
Swahili is a native language in East-African communities: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. It is Lingua franca in Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Somalia and Zambia and it is the official language of the African Union with 150 million Swahili speakers. International Swahili Day is celebrated every year on 7 July.

Another unique translation is that of Jean Durry’s book Pierre de Coubertin the Visionary into Maya kiché language by the Universidad de Valle of Guatemala in collaboration with the Pierre de Coubertin Committee of Guatemala.

National Pierre de Coubertin Committees are developing important educational projects in 2023 all devoted to the work and life of Pierre de Coubertin:

Argentina: Virtual Museum Pierre de Coubertin.
Colombia: Coubertinian Olympic Oratory Workshop.
France: ‘Six days of Coubertin 2023’.
India: ‘The Importance of Olympic Education in Indian School System’.
South Africa: Respecting Diversity and Values Education – Play fair everywhere.
Uruguay: 100 Years of Olympism and Pierre de Coubertin in Uruguay.
USA: Pierre de Coubertin Sport Genius, a documentary by George Hirthler.

We wish to congratulate the extraordinary work developed by two continental associations of national Pierre de Coubertin committees: Latin American Centre for Coubertinian Studies and the Association of National Pierre de Coubertin Committees of Africa. The setting up of these associations allowed them to improve the work of each national Pierre de Coubertin committee and to reach their desired goals.

Pierre de Coubertin schools continue to develop and apply the Olympic Values Education Programme with success. We congratulate all teachers for their motivation and dedicated work.

We are stronger when we work together.

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